What’s DeskNow doing about COVID-19?

Get the latest info on our COVID-19 response and resources for guests, including policy updates, travel restrictions, flexible travel options, and more.

So, what is host exactly?

Hosts are what make DeskNow unique. Behind every stay is a real person who can give you the details you need to check in and good at your workspace

What info do I need to provide when I book?

Before booking on DeskNow, we ask everyone who uses DeskNow for a few pieces of information, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and payment details

Help! What if I need to cancel?

If you must cancel because of an unexpected circumstance that’s out of your control, we may be able to give you a refund or waive the cancellation penalties.

How to sign up for pam?

Firstly, we want to say welcome, we are happy to have you here! If you do not have a Pam account yet, go pam.desk-now.com to and click Register.

You can sign up using your email address and phone no. Signing up and creating a Pam account is free. After you sign up, be sure to complete your account before and please allow us some time to check your identity and papers. If you have any question, please contact us on: support[at]desk-now.com

How to verify your Company?

We highly encourage you to verify your Company details. After you log in in your account, under your name you will find on the 2nd position the Company details. Start by filing in all the fields and at the end upload your company documents for our team to verify them. After verification you will be notified by email and can start adding your first listing.

What are the Membership Fees and costs? How much does pam cost?

Access to the pam application is completely free of charge. We have no subscriptions. You can manage your clients, properties, spaces, and bookings for free. If you choose to also process and receive payments with pam through its search platform DeskNow a Service fee will be reduced from each booking that is made through DeskNow/ pam. So, you only pay for successful bookings.

To find out more about our Fees for Payment processing click here.

How many properties and spaces can I add?

There is no limit for pam users. You can add as many properties and spaces as you like without any limitations.

What co-working space categories does pam support?

pam supports all important co-working space categories, and our team is constantly looking for new interesting categories to add.

I´m not able to find a category to fit my specific working space. What should I do?

As you may know pam is constantly improving and learning. We are happy to receive your extra category and add it to our System. Simply contact us and send a request with your category and description. click here

Deleting a property

Under My properties at the very end of the row, on Action click the elliptic 3cdots and choose Delete. If you wish to proceed select yes. This action cannot be reversed. Once deleted all the information are lost. TIP: if you wish to deactivate the property click the toggle button.

How to create a space?

After creating a listing, the system will automatically lead you to the creation of your first space. If you missed this pop-up, go on My properties tab and at the end under Action column, click the 3 elliptic dots and choose Spaces. Add new Space button is there to guide you step by step. Tip: Space ID format has no spaces in between - eg Space001, Abc123. When you feel your brand, new space is ready hit the Submit button and that`s it!

How to delete a space?

If you wish to delete a space , under My properties-Action-Spaces click on the space you wish to delete, on the 3 dots and hit Delete.

How do payouts work on pam work?

As a Host you have the full overview about your bookings and income on pam. Anyway, to ensure security for both, our users, and hosts, we are processing payments through “Stripe”. If a user books a space, you receive a direct notification and finance report. We are processing payouts twice a month on each 1st and 15th of a month. To receive payouts, you need to connect a company Stripe account.

How do I connect my Stripe account?

To connect your stripe account with pam you can navigate to your “pam-Dashboard” -> “Apps” -> beside the Stripe icon click on “connect”. Fill out the required information provided by stripe. We are not seeing your stripe data and do not save any of your payment information. This is handled by stripe and its secure API.
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