To many empty desks but costs are still there?
The pandemic emptied up the buildings, but how to react?

Turn unused desks into automated revenue streams

using our workspace management software, while keeping flexibility and taking them back, when you need them.

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Generate profits from your empty desks

Sublet your spaces: desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc and join the #RealCoWorking movement. Your published listings will become visible on DeskNow, the AirBnB for workplaces, reaching thousands of interested desk seekers.
Select your space availability directly from our dashboard and approve or deny clients bookings with only one click. You need them back? No problem, you have the contract duration under full control at all time.

Benefits for your company

Help your workplace evolve from fixed to flexible
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Open your offices and secure a safe return!

Bringing employees back to the office is our all-ultimate goal. Making it stick – no disastrous virus outbreaks, no reversals in course, a smoothly functioning workplace – is the end game. We asked, they answered: more than 65% of employees want to come back to the office and we are here to help.
Manage your space and future needed capacity with a flexible desk booking solution
How it works?

1. You insert your spaces in our pam software solution

By creating an account with us, you can upload as many locations and properties as you want. We also provide free of charge support for creating and publishing the spaces

2. Upload your employees

Import function is available for bulk upload or one by one account creation.

3. Your employees will receive exclusive access to book desks on

After importing your employees, an invite email will be sent to create an account on Using this account, they can book in advance their desk: hourly, monthly or even daily. Give them flexibility to choose when to come and where to sit.

4. Take care of your most precious asset: your people

No single employee has a dedicated workstation so they can sit where they want and work however, they like. This type of working promotes freedom and positivity in the workplace. It also encourages collaboration and relationships, which helps improve morale. Covid measurements are taking into consideration and a dedicated facility management department is allocated for you.

5. Occupancy analytics

Take advantage of everything that pam has to offer, including your space occupancy, preferred desk categories and working hours.

More benefits your employees

By adopting pam and introducing coworking to your workspace, corporations can optimize collaboration, innovation and employee retention. Pam by DeskNow coworking software frees your employees by allowing them to work from a different desk each day, check in automatically and check out when they have finished. The result in your workforce is higher efficiency and improved culture.
Attract talent

You may find that the most talented workers today are seeking opportunities where they have the freedom work more independently and on a flexible schedule. Pam allows corporations to easily introducing coworking into their workspace strategy.
Coworking is geared toward collaboration, inclusiveness, flexibility and community, which allows this new generation of workers to thrive. Pam by DeskNow provides the bridge for your corporation to attract the best talent.
Driving innovation

You may find that your workforce is no longer driving innovation or providing new ideas to boost your company forward.
Flexible workspace solutions enable you to introduce coworking into your office and, ultimately, drive collaboration within your workforce. By allowing your teams to interact and share ideas, you engage your team and improve morale. Pam by DeskNow can help bring your team a few steps closer that the next big idea.

The software to manage your workspaces

Tailored workspace management Solutions to optimize company ressources
  • Manage Unlimited Buildings and Workspaces
  • Import Employees and let them Reserve workspaces
  • Get Detailed Workspace Usage Reports
  • Full Privacy and Workhour Tracking protection
  • Floorplanning and Seating Arrangement
  • Enable Unused Spaces for external Bookings on DeskNow
+ Setup fee

Take full control of your business

Get real-time updates on new bookings, reviews, guest requests and availability.
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Useful Components

Fewer cancellations and higher review scores

Our data shows that guests who receive faster responses to their requests tend to cancel less and leave better reviews.
Full Overview

Asset Management

Fill your spaces quicker

As you can easily update your room availability, you will not miss out on any last-minute bookings.
Booking Management

Complete CRM

Message guests anytime, anywhere

PAM provides location and image sharing, message templates and automatic replies – making it easier than ever to communicate with guests.
Multiple Desks

Automated Invoicing