The software solution to digitally manage your workspaces, organize your office usage and optimize your spaces!

Transform your desks with the help of our Workspace software intointo automated sales, while retaining the flexibility and take back desks that you need internally.
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Generate profits from your empty desks

You have full control and rent or lease workstations, desks, meeting rooms etc. as it supports your business and at the same time you open the door to #HybridWorking for your employees. At the same time, you always decide for yourself if you want to publish offers on DeskNow, the Airbnb for workplaces, reaching thousands of interested desk seekers.
In the dashboard you can always see your current workload and view, release, postpone or cancel every booking request LIVE. You can always react to changes and flexibly cancel workspaces, just as your business needs.

Everything in one place, running on the web and app

DeskNow is your upgrade to flexible working.
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Further benefits for your company

Open your offices and ensure a safe return!
Getting employees back to the office safely is our number one goal, of course without another virus outbreak or regression, a smoothly functioning workplace - is the goal. We ask, they answer more than 65% of employees want to get back to the office and we are here to help.
Manage your premises with a flexible booking solution
How it works?

1. Prepare your workspaces in a few steps

After opening an account with us, you can manage as many locations and workspaces as you like. We will of course support you in the creation and digitization of your workspaces

2. Import the data of your employees via simple list import.

The import function is also available via bulk upload, but this requires a completed account opening.

3. Your employees get a secure access and from now on they can flexibly book their workspace/meeting room digitally.

After successful import of your employee data, each employee will receive an invitation e-mail, so that your employees get direct access to their personal booking account on DeskNow. With this, each of your employees can book the desired workspace, no matter if hourly or daily, you make the specifications for this once.

4. Easily request/confirm additions/changes via chat & order functions.

By making your workspaces flexible, your employees can now work where it's best for workflows and projects, without any spacing or occupancy issues. This form of hybrid work encourages community and supports constructive exchange in the workplace. Current Covid-19 measurements are taken into account and spacing rules can be adapted to the needs, at any time centrally and immediately effective, integrating the existing means of communication.

5. You have full analytical data in the dashboard.

Take advantage of everything DeskNow has to offer, including your room assignments, preferred desk categories and work hours.

Program do zarządzania przestrzenią roboczą

Indywidualne rozwiązanie do zarządzania przestrzenią roboczą, które optymalizuje i uelastycznia miejsca pracy.
  • Manage unlimited numbers of locations and workspaces
  • Once activated, your employees can digitally reserve & book their workspaces
  • Access detailed workspace usage reports
  • Full privacy protection and no hidden work time tracking
  • Space planning and seating arrangements
  • Enable Unused Spaces for external Bookings on DeskNowEnable unused areas for external bookings on DeskNow
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Take full control of your workspace usage

Get real-time updates on new bookings, occupancy, and customer requests, on the web or in the app.
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Further components

Higher employee satisfaction and less unnecessary commuting!

Official data shows that daily commuting has a negative impact on the motivation, and health, of your employees. With DeskNow, this is a thing of the past.
Complete overview

Asset Management

Adapt your spaces to actual needs

Because you can check your workload anywhere, anytime, you can easily adjust your workspaces to meet the needs of your business.
Booking Management

Complete CRM

Easy communication, integrated with your existing systems

DeskNow offers integration with your existing communication channels, such as Outlook, Google and Slack. So no one has to get used to anything and everything runs as usual.
Multiple Desks

Automated Invoicing